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There is beauty and there are the humiliated. Whatever difficulties the enterprise may present, I would like never to be unfaithful either to one or the other.” (Albert Camus)

 Cassiopea ran the 360 communication strategy of Eugenio Patanè, candidate for the Lazio regional council, for the entire duration of his electoral campaign, both in the planning phase and right through the contest which saw the candidate elected.

Eugenio Patanè has a strong, solid and sometimes ironic personality. He has always been connected with environmental themes and is mindful of the needs of citizens, popular with votors because of his dialect and his charisma. The challenge accepted by Cassiopea was this: to build a strongly recognisable and visual persona, to finely tune all the information and communications connected with the campaign across the internet and social media, and define a tone of voice which incorporated all the candidate’s most defining characteristics.

How do you follow the electoral campaign of an outgoing administration?

‘During electoral campaign phase, we based our communications on two different, but related, levels. An appreciation of the past as examples of good, credible and reliable decisions and a projection into the future that has all the foundations of being just as positive and solid’, recounts Christian Ludovici, CEO of Cassiopea. ‘The headline ‘It’s The First Time’ opens the pathway towards a completely visual identity, communicates the candidate’s political programme and allows him to position himself horizonally in time: on the one hand the past is celebrated – the five years of the last administration – and on the other it becomes a guarantee for the future. As a payoff we choice the oxymoron ’The Quiet Revolution’ in order to encircle the values, the mission and the personality of Eugene Patanè.  We wanted to show a way of action which is both concrete, but never aggressive.’


We created a strong and recognisable visual identity for the candidate (choice of layout, colours, images), in order to then create copy and a tone of voice that is decisive, firm, revolutionary, but never yelling. Once we put the headline ‘It’s the first time’, this accompanied the communications in all the other secondary campaigns, just like the payoff ‘The quiet revolution’ followed the final phase of the electoral campaign encircling the identity of of Eugene Patanè’s political programme. We managed the social media pages of the candidate, making videos and motion graphics during the entire electoral campaign.


On the 30th January 2018 Cassiopea was directly responsible for managing the news on of Eugene Patanè’s facebook page of the video in which Dessi, an M5S candidate in the Senate, is dancing in a gym in Latina with Domenico Spada, representative of the homonymous Ostia clan. Within a few hours, the news was picked up by the main newspapers. TG1 and TG2 broadcast the news and Piazza Pulita on La7 did a report. Within 24 hours the news had passed from the candidates social media page to the major news outlets.

Eugene Patanè is one of the candidates with the most votes and he was elected to the Lazio region

Eugenio Patanè Cassiopea Roma

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