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‘Why philosophise when you can sing?’ (Georges Brassens)

 ‘Lasciame Cantare’ (Let me sing!) is a music talent show conceived for the Euroma 2 Shopping centre. Cassiopea created the entire project from a visual, logistics and advertising perspective of the artistic format. Our agency created a massive offline campaign with posters, billboards, and mobile publicity. We managed every aspect of the  set inside the shopping centre, from the artistic direction to the touring exhibition dedicated to the main Italian songwriters. The competition took off thanks to online communication, through the posting of videos and voting taking place through likes and comments. Official communication was carried out through the dedicated press office.

How do you make a creative and artistic format go viral?

‘We gave the project real prominence by creating genuine involvement and interaction with people. To do this we made the most of the pre-existing audience, the natural audience of the shopping centre which has thousands of visitors every day. It went viral very organically because all the aspiring singers who performed had their own audience and could be filmed by friends and relatives, and have their performance shared on the official pages of the event,’ says Christian Ludovici, CEO of Cassiopea, ‘on the Music Talent Youtube page we registered thousands of view, the fans voted on the Facebook page of the event and the emerging artists who were most popular with the social media audience then faced the judgement of the technical jury who decided five finalists.

The five winners could then perform live in the Repubblica metro. Whats more, during the performace dies, well known celebrities from the world of music and talent shows, such as Maestro Beppe Vessicchio and Rudy Zerbi, the television and radio host, took part enthusiastically in the event.


Cassiopea oversaw the entire launch phase, with massive advertising (posters, billboards and mobile advertising). During the event we managed all the logistics (the stages and the set design) and the artistic direction with an accompanying touring exhibition on Italian Songwriters. Online communication was managed by exploiting the viral potential of the audiovisual content produced during the event.


The shopping centre enjoyed an even wider audience. The format launched emerging artists full of talent and also gave space to niche interests and music schools. The videos on Youtube have gone viral as well as the entire ‘Lasciame cantare’ talent team.

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