Hypercreative Open Loft is the factory of well made things. A space where means of communication come to life, ideas are born, tested, created and realised. An open, free and shared space with a very clear philosophy: to build networks, discover opportunities, to share and experiment.

After a carefully researched renovation, the Hypercreativity today is a space with a strong personality: a modern, Post-Industrial design with vintage and retro touches. In the open loft space, inclusion and elegance abound, giving life to eclectic and multifaceted spaces whose defining feature is the ability to be transformed and respond to different needs and requirements, into a new and original space.


Hypercreative Open Loft is the business incubator Cassiopea Roma S.R.L; the agile and flexible strategic communication agency with a natural creative inclination and the tendency to look at things from different perspectives.

Made up of a team and network of professionals with the highest organisational and strategic capabilities, Cassiopea Roma works deals with corporate, political and institutional communication strategy: we develop content, deliver communication campaigns and work with new media.


Hypercreative Open Loft is located in the heart of Garbatella, today one of Rome’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, full of artistic and cultural energy.

The open loft was born out of an former carpenters workshop where, until a few years ago, rough unhewn wood was transformed into beautiful and useful things. Situated on the ground floor of one of the four former suburban hotels of the area built between 1928 and 1929, and only 700m from the Metro B Garbatella stop and few minutes from Rome’s historic centre.

Exhibitions, seminars, presentations, meetings, institutional and corporate events, courses, screenings, briefings, cultural events; these are just some of the many happenings which can take place within the Hypercreative Open Loft, thanks to the versatility of its spaces and the ability of its staff to create and deliver personalised solutions. Hypercreative Open Loft offers limitless solutions for big impact communication solutions, guaranteeing originality and attention to detail every time.


The style and philosophy of Hypercreative Open Loft have made it a loved and well-recognised space to any that have decided to explore it.
For communication networks: single workstations with desks; for briefings: meeting rooms for up to 14 people; for conferences: meeting and conference areas for up to 70 people; for events: internal event spaces of 160m2, an outside courtyard of 100m2 and 40m of exhibition wall space.
In addition: communication planning, training, personalisation of paper and digital stationary, personalised gadgets, an open bar, catering service, and welcome services.


Hypercommunity is the network of people, professionals and businesses united by the same way of looking at and interpreting the world, who come together in the space of Red Factory Rome. A wealth of stories and experiences that Hypercreative Open Loft brings to life in an open and inclusive space, where values are shared, ideas are tested, arguments are developed, synergy is built and work opportunities are created.
We are all made up of stories: Red Factory is the space to tell them.

Ipercreativo Open Loft Via Francesco Orazio da Pennabilli, 5 Roma 00154
TEL. +39 06 693 11 289

MAIL ipercreativoroma@gmail.com

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