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Wisdom is knowing how to embrace difference, without wanting to eliminate difference. (Gregory Bateson).

Cassiopea created the visual brand for a project aimed at the inclusion of blind and partially-sighted children in nurseries throughout Lazio. The format is aimed at children, families and nursery educational staff. Mr Boobú, the mascot created by the graphics team, will accompany all the communications from the outreach project led by the Regional Centre S Alessio and the Savioa Kindergarten. The aim is to encourage training among nursery school educational staff and to improve access to facilities for blind and partially sighted children. Our agency created the name, official presentation materials, information brochures, nursery school signage with recyclable, certified-sustainable cardboard, the video for the e-learning platform, and the website.

How to give a recognisable identity to an inclusion campaign?

‘It’s a very delicate subject’, Andrea Antoro, Creative Director of Cassiopea, explains, ‘and it was treated as such. For the naming, we made use of the typical language of children: a language of sounds and simple structures. This is how Boobú was born. We did research into the images and colours used within nurseries in order to keep the project in line with these. This is why we chose stylised and sunny images and pastel colours. And then, as the key pillar of the campaign, the mole, the real mascot of the campaign.’


To study the colours and images most in line with the project and its target audience.

The use of simple and sensitive language. The creation of a mascot that can carry the message both outside and within the nursery institutions and which is suitable for all three types of target audience: children, parents and education providers.

Signage and desk stationary made from certified recycled materials, out of respect for the environment.


Since January 2020 Mr Boobú has now been present in 23 nurseries in the Lazio region.


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