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‘Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.’

Every day, Cassiopea tells the story of Nicolia Ricevimenti, the business leader in the catering a banqueting sector, through the main social media platforms, providing a 360 degree showcase of the company’s main activities. In choosing the flowers the flowers, the layout, finding the most qualified staff, creating the right atmosphere, and catering that suits your guests’ tastes, they bring a dream to life, encapsulating a single moment in your life that is unique and will never be repeated.

Cassiopea took on the following challenge: to use the pages of Facebook and Instagram to communicate the story of a business that meets all the needs of this sector, without ever losing sight of their continuing quest for perfection, in both details and vision, innovation and tradition, in the listening to their clients and the realisation of their ideas.

How do you communicate the enormous scope of a business leader in the catering sector?

‘It was essential to tell the stories which are entwined with an entity like Nicolai Ricevimenti, filled with elegance, magic and emotions. Every decision, from food to flowers, from cutlery to centrepieces, reflects a style, a way of thinking, a certain taste and a specific personality.

Locations have the ability to make an event really special. They give a touch of poetry and romanticism which makes us dream big’, Serena Filigenzi, Cassiopea’s Social Media Manager explains. ‘These are the stories we wanted to tell through a social media strategy dedicated to events, installations and the people who bring them to life. Nicolai Ricevimenti is a business which pays great attention to detail, with a leaning towards refinement and luxury.  All this comes out through post-production, without ever slipping into a cold and flat delivery.

On the one hand, social media pages are a showcase for all of the business’s activities: private and corporate functions, receptions, aperitifs, exhibitions, equipment hire and fairytale locations. On the other, we highlight the personal, human touch. Both accounts follow the brides from the beginning to the end of the event.


We tell the story of each phase of an event, suggesting a list of tips for those who are entering into this arena for the first time. Our business highlights atmospheric locations, attention to detail and great refinement and luxury in our catering and banqueting.


The social media pages of Nicolai Ricevimenti increased their followers and engagements in the course of the whole campaign. Cassiopea created a strong and recogniseable brand identity which strikes a professional tone, but is at the same time warm and empathetic towards users who get involved and immerse themselves in the stories of people, places and events told through the pages of Nicolai.

Nicolai Ricevimenti Cassiopea Roma

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