Night To Meet You, il primo Recruiting Party in Italia

On the 21st November 2019, Cassiopea organised the event ‘Night to Meet You’ in the open loft located in the heart of Garbatella. The evening was organised in order to celebrate three different, but closely related, moments: the Recruiting and Thank You party, 100 years of Garbatella, and to present the Ipercreativo™  Open Loft, the factory where different forms of communication are born, influence each other, and go out into the world.


The ‘Recruiting Party’ was the first in an informal assessment test in which we assessed the candidates ability to get involved, to be able to tell stories not only in the virtual world but in the real one, chatting and building relationships with sector professionals, having some drinks and getting out of their ‘comfort zone’.

Andrea Santoro, Partner and General Manager of Cassiopea, declared during the evening:

It’s the first time that an event like this has been held in Italian. Throwing yourself into the battlefield whilst also having fun isn’t an easy thing to do. After this first selection phase, two more institutional appointments will follow, the first is a group appointment and the second is an individual one, which will lead us to choosing the new individuals who will join our team’.

The candidates also took part in brainstorming and networking activities, aimed at understanding their awareness of social media sectors, but also their soft skills such as the ability to analyse, read and react to context and their aptitude for team working and collaboration.

All candidates submitted a contribution, either in the form of copy or a creative work, on a case study relating to the sector of business, institutions, sport or wedding, exhibited on trees of creativity.

There was also of course, the traditional photo of the cutting of the cake, where Antonello Barani, Partner and Financial Manager of Cassiopea, surrounded by the team and the rows of candidates, wrapped his speech with the following:

‘thank you to all those who choose to work with our agency. Dreams can be infectious’.


The Night to Meet You event was also an opportunity to thank our local area, Garbatella. While Cassiopea has just blown out her first 10 birthday candles, Garbatella turns 100 in the same time period.

‘A huge thank you to this neighbourhood in the city of Rome: beautiful things don’t only happen in Milan it is possible to find communication agencies, and efficient, honest companies even here in the capital. We simply try to bring them together.’

Andrea Santoro.


The Night to Meet You on the 21st November was an opportunity for Cassiopea to thank all the customers and partners we have worked with over the past ten years. In relation to this, the comments from Paola Saluzzi, the evening’s master of ceremonies, was enlightening. The journalist and TV Presenter, collaborated with Cassiopea during the 28th National Congress of Italian Surgeons in Matera, held in June 2019, in order to identify the communication strategy for this event.

‘A journalist must enter a debate as though dressed in a perfectly tailored suit. Cassiopea delivered this detailed work with precise attention to detail for the occasion. This is tailoring. Its like putting on a dress that follows your movements, as though you were a bride: the one no one can take their eyes off, because she looks stunning, perfect and is she is unafraid to take a few steps forward’.

Christian Ludovici, Partner and CEO of Cassiopea, also gave an emotional speech, explaining the spirit of this event:

‘To see you all together, friends, colleagues, clients and partners, gives me great satisfaction. 10 years ago we were in the notary’s office signing the start of this adventure, and today here we are, ready to choose new professionals to join our team in the way that most sets us apart, in an unconventional and counter-culture Recruiting Party like Night To Meet You.’

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