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Do not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, it doesn’t soil the whole ocean’ (Mahatma Gandhi).

Cassiopea created the entire project of the Rome Best Practice Award, ‘Mother Rome and her best children’, a competition open to businesses, associations, committees and citizens of Rome who demonstrate best practice. It is the first competition in the capital which rewards the best ideas for recovering the city’s assets, for integration, solidarity, training, innovation and communication. All these associations that have been quietly working behind the scenes without fanfare or publicity to come together and do things for others, have been given a space to be recognised. There are eight award categories and for each one both a technical and a public jury vote on a winner. The awards given can take the form of cash prizes or benefits and services in kind.

How to communicate good practices and news which benefit a community?

‘People are used to only hearing bad news, through news channels. It is much more difficult to communicate messages about good practice, and all those people, associations and organisations that go quietly about their business doing things for the common good. Rome BPA is a place where ‘good’ is finally given its own space. Many things are going on around Rome and happening almost anonymously. To my surprise, I was able to find a worker’s association who were, in their own time, collecting leftover food from catering, parties, aperitifs and restaurants in order to donate it to neighbourhoods and people in difficult circumstances. Things like that, such pure and supportive,  would not have been given space without the BPA project’ describes Christian Ludovici, CEO of Cassiopea.

‘The original idea came from Andrea Santoro, the creative director of Cassiopea, and was inspired by an awareness that there are so many positive success stories taking place around Rome.  These cross a huge gamut of sectors: from education to the environment, from culture to urban regeneration, from integration in sport to corporate social responsibility.’


Contact and connect associations and committees but also to find sponsors. The winners, in fact, received awards in the form of goods, services and money made available by the partners or sponsors of the event. This is why a Call to Action was aimed at the businesses of Rome, so that they would offer support to the best projects in the city


The event received the collaboration and support of the Minister of Education, the University of Research (USR), the Rome Chamber of Commerce, the Office for regional cooperation, the Council Presidency, the Lazio Region, the Rome Capital, the Municipality of Rome, the National Anti-racial Descrimination Office and Roma Tre University. At the 2017, 2018 and 2019 events, over 450 projects were presented by the participating associations.

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