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Pastries on the table are like baroque concerts in the history of music: a subtle art.’ (Isabel Allende)

Cassiopea looks after communications for Sargenti, a café with sites in Monteverde and Prati, specialising in pastries, but also famous for its lunches, original aperitifs and its catering for small events. The challenge accepted by Cassiopea was to make the café’s communications more homogenous and coherent, bringing together the social media pages and creating a rich and varied output. We carried out an entire redesign of the visual identity of the venue. We begin with the logo and related images, right through to packaging and catering, means of transport and the interior design of the café.

How do you reorganise the communications of a café business?

“The challenge we took on was to bring together their communication into a single social media channel, thus avoiding the dispersion of information”, says Serena Filigenzi, Cassiopea’s social media manager.

“We curated strategic outlines and sponsored events taking place on both sites of the business, both in Monteverde and Prati. The solid and unified organisation of the vast range of services they offer has made it possible to give a famous café like that of Sargenti a clear identity’”

Speaking of identity, even the redesign of the business was fundamental: ‘We rejuvenated the image of Sargenti. We gave it freshness and currency, without taking away from its innate character as a café which has been offering its services for more than 50 years. We have taken the symbol of a sweet menu, but modernised it. We highlighted the S and used the official colours of the business, a soft pink,’ says Laura Pezone, Cassiopea’s Senior Graphic Designer.


We created various programmes dedicated to the services and products under the Sargenti brand. The interior redesign was based on the café’s traditional colours. The logo was modernised and made more recognisable to the café’s customers.


A unification of communication, growth in page followers, increased user interaction, an organisation of the complete range of services offered, a modernation of the visual imagery of the café.

Sargenti Cassiopea Roma

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